Building a New Era of Social Media: Empowering Individuals with AI-Powered Digital Twins

This blog post explores Virtual Version (VV), a revolutionary platform aiming to restore data ownership and privacy by empowering individuals with an AI-powered digital twin, enabling them to control their data and enjoy a decentralized social media experience through customizable 3D avatars on VV Social, attracting 160 million new users per month and spearheaded by a skilled team with expertise in Web2 and Web3 technologies.
Jul 23, 2023 2:44 PM

In an age where social media and digital interactions have become an integral part of our lives, the need for data ownership and privacy has never been more crucial. Enter the revolutionary platform, Virtual Version (VV), a trailblazing venture designed to restore control and autonomy to individuals by providing them with an AI-powered digital twin - a Virtual Version. This blog post delves into the transformative potential of VV, exploring how it aims to reshape the social media landscape and empower users in a decentralized future.

Current Situation

In the current digital landscape, users often relinquish control of their personal data when engaging with social media platforms. Companies trade and profit from users' sensitive information, leaving individuals vulnerable to data breaches and privacy infringements. This paradigm creates a clear power imbalance, where users become products rather than stakeholders in the data economy.

The Change

Virtual Version leverages the power of Web3 technology to drive a paradigm shift towards data ownership, independence, and transparency. With Web3, individuals become the rightful beneficiaries of the value their data generates. By decentralizing data ownership, VV aims to remove the current model where users are treated as mere commodities.

The New Normal

The underlying philosophy of VV is simple but profound: big data should respect and protect users' sensitive information, refraining from selling or sharing it without consent. This approach creates a win-win situation for both users and big data companies, fostering trust and mutual benefit in the data economy.

The Virtual Version

At its core, Virtual Version serves as the central hub for users' online presence. Starting as a social platform, it evolves into a comprehensive digital-ID solution that seamlessly integrates across various settings and applications. The hallmark of VV is its ability to create customizable 3D avatars in just 22 seconds using a single image.

VV Social

VV Social emerges as the vibrant platform where users' avatars thrive. This revolutionary space offers users the freedom to create, monetize, own, and share content from a single access point. It becomes a portal to a limitless virtual world, where self-expression and creativity know no bounds.


The success of VV is evident in its traction over the years. Built by a dedicated team of individuals with experience in both Web2 and Web3, the platform has witnessed high impact growth, akin to social media giants like TikTok. Its ability to attract 160 million new users per month demonstrates the tremendous demand for a more personalized and decentralized social media experience.

Founding Team

At the heart of VV is an exceptional founding team led by Harrison Gwinnett, a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a history of successful exits. Complemented by professionals who have previously worked with major brands and tech giants like Netflix, Oculus, TikTok, and Microsoft, the team is poised to take VV to new heights.

Virtual Version ($VV) represents a bold step towards a future where individuals reclaim ownership and privacy in the digital realm. By harnessing the power of AI-generated avatars, Web3 technology, and a visionary founding team, VV has the potential to redefine the way we interact online. As the world embraces the concept of decentralized social media, VV stands at the forefront of building a new era of digital empowerment. So, join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for a more personal, secure, and interconnected future. Stay tuned for more updates and follow us to be part of this transformative movement. Together, let's unlock the true potential of the digital world! 💫